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AS4700.2 V2 to CDA Generator

This tool takes V2 messages that conform to the Australian Pathology Messaging Specification (AS 4700.2) and generates CDA packages that conform to the NEHTA pcEHR specifications.

Note: As both AS 4700.2 and the NEHTA pcEHR specifications are still under development, this tool is still under development, and changes should still be expected.

The tool is free for use for testing, development, and production. Currently, the tool is provided as an interactive testing application. Future versions will be provide a COM Object, a windows DLL, a TCP/IP messaging conduit, and a web service that all provide the same functionality. Digital Signatures will be supported.

Download: AS4700CDAConverter-Installer.exe

Note: for now, I haven’t put any support arrangements in place. If you’re interested in being notified about further releases of the tool, and when a support forum is setup, drop me a line with your email address to

Eclipse CDA Validator

This tool provides context aware editing and interactive validation for CDA documents. The tool includes the best available validation for the data types (the validation tools at Lantana Associates are better at validating other aspects of the documents). The tool is free for use and compiled from open source (Eclipse OHF).

Documentation: See The HL7 Book

Download: CDAToolsInstall.exe

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  1. Luke Burdack says:


    Im just trying to use the CDA Generator tool and have run into the problem of an antiquated OS. The open file dialog box doesn’t work in WinXP.

    Google research:



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