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I write about a number of different subjects. This page is an index of the more important posts.

3 laws of Interoperability

My basic 3 laws. I wish everyone understood them. I will often refer to these through my other posts.

  1. Interoperability: it’s all about the people
  2. Complexity: you can move it around, or externalize it, but you can’t make it go away
  3. Healthcare Software: Cheap, Flexible, Interoperable – you can have any two

Basic Requirements for Interoperability

A series of articles covering what is required in order to interoperate with someone else, along with some discussion of inferences for a standards organization like HL7 that exists to help interoperability.

  1. Transmission of Data
  2. Common Terminology
  3. Identification Policies
  4. Information Structures
  5. Behavioral Agreement
  6. Common Understanding

Also, further random ramblings about interoperability:

Good Specification Design

Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resources (FHIR)

HL7 Fresh Look Taskforce

Other HL7 Methodology

A number of other articles about methodological issues facing HL7.

HL7 v3 Data Types & ISO 21090 (Healthcare datatypes)

Posts about the data types

CDA implementation

Posts about implementing CDA

 Version 2

Australian Implementation Issues

Techie Stuff

Funny Stuff

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