Health Intersections is the consulting company of Grahame Grieve. I consult to national programs, vendor consortiums, individual vendors, and standards bodies about healthcare data exchange


Things I do

I am:

  • the project lead and product director for FHIR, an HL7 Standard
  • co-chair of Modeling and Methodology Work Group at HL7
  • member of HL7 Australia Technical Steering committee
  • the national Subject Matter Expert for clinical data exchange for the Australian National Health Record Program (ADHA)
  • a member of the IndyProject core team and I am responsible for the SOAP library

My Qualifications & Experience

  • Fellow, Australian College of Healthcare Informatics
  • Member, Australian Association of Clinical Biochemists
  • BSc in Biochemistry (Auckland University)
  • I was the lead editor for ISO 21090 and I have edited various HL7 v2 chapters as well
  • CTO for Kestral Computing P/L: leadership, development methodology, strategic technologies, enterprise architecture, and standards and interoperability, and conceived, developed and sold clinical enterprise information systems and interoperability and clinical document solutions and products
  • I was project lead for Open Healthcare Framework (now retired)
  • Before that I did clinical research and routine laboratory analysis at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne

In addition, I am involved in a number of open source industry consortiums:  Open Health Tools, and the Indy Project.

Contact Me

I live in Melbourne, Australia and can be contacted at grahame@healthintersections.com.au

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