Ask me a question about HL7

You can ask me any question about HL7 standards (or HL7 itself). I’ll answer them as best as I am able to on the blog. You don’t have to provide name or email if you don’t want. I don’t guarantee to answer any question.




Note: The more information you provide, the more likely I am to answer. Because answers are public, you should not include messages or documents in your question that should not be posted in my blog.

Why ask me?

I have practical experience in HL7 v2, CDA, and v3. I’ve implemented interfaces, applications, HL7 tooling, written specifications, standards, chaired key HL7 infrastructural committees, given HL7 tutorials, and consulted to major national programs. I’ve worked in a hospital, and medical research, and I have a clinical science qualification. I’ve developed for Win32, Java, and DotNet, and I’ve used a variety of databases (I like having my fingers in lots of pies). So I can probably help.

Past Questions:

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