What’s a Good Exchange Specification?

There’s a lot of different standards for exchanging healthcare information out there. Here’s one reason from the ever funny XKCD:

But there’s actually some very good reasons why there’s many competing standards. Well, maybe there’s lots of solid reasons, even if they aren’t good reasons, and they won’t go away just by wishing they weren’t there.

The problem is that there’s lots of different perspectives about what makes a good exchange standard. I’m going make a series of posts describing some of the issues. I’m going to make them as fun as possible, but they are all real issues.



  1. Michael Osborne says:

    Personally I prefer the Microsoft way. I have had nothing but problems with backup and restore of my kids iPods using itunes, leading to tears. I also like the flexiblity that I get from Microsoft, having said that I also like to load a Linux VM (I have at least 3) when I need to do something in Python or Perl. To me, Apple is alien – I wouldn’t know how to drive a Mac if you gave me a 2 hour tutorial. I’d kill for Garage Band on windows (or Linux) though.

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