Writing a book

Several people have commented to me after reading my blog that I should write a book.

Well, I was. That’s where a lot of this content has come from – from the draft of my book. But books are so last century now. Anyway, I could write and write and write, and then it might not happen, certainly not in a timely fashion. And I might never finish it anyway – there’s a lot of time involved. It’s not like you make a lot of money from a book anyway.

So I’m just getting it all out here now on the blog.

One day, when I think I’ve got enough quality content, and if there’s any publishing houses still left, I may turn it into a book. One of the other well known authors in the space has offered to help me out if that day comes (thanks very much).

btw, there’s a lot of acknowledgements that I should do. None of the thinking on here has just suddenly appeared – it’s grown over the years through my involvement mainly in the HL7 community, as well as other interoperability communities spanning network protocol toolkits to conformance testing frameworks. My thanks to all that I’ve interacted with. I’m not going to name names, because then I’d miss someone out.

p.s. all these posts in a row? There’s not much to do on these long intercontinental flights…

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