#FHIR Testing is Coming

The FHIR Team has been working with the HL7 Education Work Group to introduce FHIR certification testing so that members of the FHIR community can demonstrate their knowledge of the specification. There’s going to be 2 levels of certification test.

FHIR Proficiency Test

This test ascertains whether a candidate has basic knowledge of the FHIR specification – what areas it covers, what resources, data types, and profiles are, some basic overview of the way RESTful interfaces work. This test is open to anyone, and it works very much like the existing V2 and CDA tests – though it’s a little easier than them.

Anyone can sit – and pass – this closed book test.

FHIR Professional Credentials 

This is a much harder test – it explores the functionality of the FHIR specification deeply, and to pass it requires considerable experience working with the specification. The idea of this test is that if you pass it, you’ve met our expectations for being an expert and providing advice to other implementers about how to implement the specification properly.

This is an open book test – you have a copy of the specification when sitting it – and it has pre-requisites including demonstrated practical experience in healthcare IT, and ongoing exposure to the FHIR community. The credentialing process will itself be approved by the appropriate authorities so that if you have met the credentialing criteria (including passing the test), you’ll be allowed to put letters after your name. The Professional Credentials will require ongoing maintenance.

Introducing the tests

There’s not a lot of detail here – we’re still working to resolve the process and requirements for the tests. So I can’t tell you, for instance, how much the tests will cost. At least, not at this stage. These details will be released as final decisions are made. The education committee plans to announce the proficiency test at the Madrid HL7 meeting in a few weeks, and then have it available by the September meeting. The Professional Credentials will follow.

At this point, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about what is coming

Note: Some HL7 insiders have already worked with us prototyping the tests – we thank you for your support, and we’re planning to grandfather you in when the time comes.


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  1. ❗ Looking forward to it.

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