FHIR Notepad++ Plug-in: Tools for #FHIR developers

I’m pleased to announce that the FHIR Plug-in for Notepad++ that was distributed and tested at the DevDays in Amsterdam last week is now ready for general release.

Notepad++ is a powerful text editor that’s pretty popular with developers – it seems most of us who use windows use it. And it has a flexible and powerful plug-in framework with an active community around that. So it was the logical choice for a set of FHIR tools. The FHIR tools themselves offer useful functionality for FHIR developers (programmers, analysts), based on the kinds of things that we need to do at connectathons or for authoring content for the specification.



The FHIR Toolbox makes the following functionality available:

  • XML / JSON interconversion
  • Interactive and background resource validation
  • FHIR Path execution and debugging (more on that in a subsequent post)
  • Create a new populated resource from its definition (or a profile on it)
  • Connect to a server (including Smart-on-FHIR servers)
  • Create a new populated resource from its definition (or a profile on it)
  • Open a resource from a server
  • PUT/POST a resource to a server
  • Narrative generation



In addition, there’s a visualizer provided. This shows the following kind of information:

  • Narrative for the resource
  • Validation and Path execution results
  • Information about the current element (e.g. viewer for attachments, codes, references)

Note that the FHIR Plug-in doesn’t provide syntax highlighting for XML or JSON – there’s other plug-ins for them.

Additional Notes:

  • The FHIR tools are based on DSTU2
  • There is ongoing active development of the plug-in, so expect glitches and bugs (report bugs using my FHIRServer Github project)
  • To get notified of updates, subscribe to the RSS link from the downloads page. Or the plug-in itself will notify when a new version is released
  • yes, Notepad++ is only available for windows. For OSX developers, well, you can get a windows VM. It’s unlikely that it will be feasible to port the tools to OSX
  • For further documentation, see the Wiki page



  1. Alexander Henket says:

    Thanks for this. A truly useful tool. The first versions at DevDays gave me some hiccups, but upgrading notepad++ to the current version fixed it all.

  2. David Moorhouse says:

    I’m getting “UnhandledException” when I add this in.

    Running Notepad++ v6.9.2 on Win7Pro 64 bit.

  3. Chandan Datta says:

    I am getting an unhandledexception with Notepad++ v6.9.2

    Is there an officially supported NP++ version?

  4. Magnus Ohlsson says:

    Great work – love the idea of this plugin. As soon as you got NPP 6.9.2 support i will try it out.

  5. Olivier BOUX says:


    Where is the plug in ressource to install in NotePad++ ?

    Thank you

    Olivier Boux

  6. Olivier BOUX says:

    Thank you for the link.
    I see the plugin seems to be 32-bit forged.
    Does it work on Notepad++ v7.5.4 64-bit ?

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