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HL7 Australia Meeting next week

Next week there’s an HL7 Australia meeting on Thursday, which I’ll be speaking at. Here’s the agenda:



There’s some pretty interesting stuff on here, and some stuff that promises to stimulate some brisk discussion. But registrations are a bit low at the moment, so I encourage everyone in Australia to make the time to come on Thursday and get the latest perspectives on what’s happening in the HL7 and wider standards space.

See the full brochure here: HL7 Aust Workshop Jul 4 Melbourne

You can register here.

Question: Alerts in v2 messages


I have a question about which segment in the HL7 v2.3 Patient Admin messages; Administrative and Clinical alert information can be found? i.e Isolation. MRSA.

I understand some of the information may come through in the AL1 segment and the PV2 segment. Is there a segment for Alerts?


There is no specific v2 segment for patient alerts. To the degree that allergies count as alerts, alert information may be found in the AL1 segment, and also, there is PV2-41 which contains some simple coded information that counts as alerts:

Value Description
A Aggressive
B Blind
C Confused
D Deaf
N “No-code” (i.e. Do not resuscitate)
P Paraplegic
O Other
U Unknown

There is no general specific segment for alerts. They should be represented as patient observations in the OBX segments found after PV1 in the ADT messages:




There doesn’t seem to be any suitable LOINC codes for this use, so you’d have to make up your own codes.

p.s. This is the second time I’ve answered this question, and the answer is still the same. Note the IHE reference provided in a comment there is for a different kind of alert.